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Basics of the Member of Government (MG) Speech

By Kevin Healey, Brandeis University ’18 The member of government’s speech, or MG, is an eight-minute speech that immediately follows the Leader of Opposition’s constructive (LOC). The third speech in the round, this speech has three main goals: Responding to

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Dealing With Nerves In Debate Rounds

By Amelia Koby, William & Mary ’18 Learning a form of debate that emphasizes spontaneity makes even the most confident people nervous. Whether you’re just starting debate now, or did four years in policy in high school, the right mental

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Preparing For Tournaments

By Geneva Kropper, University of Maryland ’17 The Tournament Starts on Wednesday: How to Practice and Prepare to Make the Best of Your Weekend Before it Begins When I was in high school, my debate coach used to warn my

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Argument Generation

By Will Meyer, Swarthmore College ’17 At its core, debate is about arguments. Hopefully this doesn’t surprise anyone reading this. While rhetoric helps people present their arguments in the most persuasive manner, without good arguments, the judge will be persuaded

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Tight Call Basics

By Danny Jaffe, Brandeis University ’17 If you spend some time on APDA, you will almost certainly be in a round where it is necessary to know some debate theory. Usually, debate theory refers to tight calls, spec calls, status

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How to Debate In Front Of Inexperienced Judges

By Rebecca Heller, Georgetown University ’16 Not every APDA tournament has enough experienced judges to adjudicate every round. This means that some tournaments use “campus judges,” or students of the host school who are rarely or never involved in APDA.

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Is APDA for me? An address to former high school debaters

By: Henry Zhang, Yale University 2017 Note: This article is specifically geared towards novices who participated in high school debate. If you did not participate in high school debate, consider reading this article for tips geared towards people who have no high school

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Member Speech Overviews

By: Adele Zhang, Barnard College 2015 The “Overview” at the top of the Member speeches is a stylistic choice that many debaters on APDA tend to favor. It is a short, usually not longer than 2 minutes, spiel summarizing some

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Recovering from Mishandled POIs/Contradictions

By: Ben Kornfeld, Yale University 2013 Every debater, even the best, has the occasional mental lapse. Positions are taken that were not well thought out, a contradictory advocacy is provided or a reasonable argument is expressed poorly and misinterpreted. These

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When Dropped Arguments Count

By: Sean Leonard, Rutgers University 2016 Whether you’re pretending it didn’t happen on your side, losing horribly to one in PMR that you missed throughout the round, or delivering an explosive LOR with one at the crux of your offense,

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