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Points of Clarification When You’re Totally Lost

By Max Neuman, Columbia University, ’20 The point of clarification (POC) session is one of the newer arrivals on the APDA scene, coming into its prime over the years since the league-wide adoption of Rocky Clocky in stopped the clock

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Transitioning from High School Debate to APDA

By Parker Kelly, George Washington University, ’20 I went to high school in Houston, Texas and did 1 year of PF and 2 years of LD on the local and national circuits. I was in a few bid rounds and

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How to Handle Motions Preparation

By Eric Tannenbaum, The College of New Jersey ’18 Note: APDA has several motions tournaments throughout the year, but due to their relative infrequency compared to case tournaments it can difficult to know what to do when it comes to preparation

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