Meet the NMs

Meet the NMs

Welcome! The Novice Mentor Committee has twelve members for Spring 2017. Each Novice Mentor is required to complete a hybrid with a novice this semester. If you would like to sign up for a hybrid (or if you’d like to talk to us about anything else), please reach out to us on Facebook. We are all on the Committee because we want to help– so we really want to hear from you.

 Novice Mentor Co-Chair: Miriam Pierson

MiriamHi guys! My name is Miriam Pierson, and I’m a sophomore at Swarthmore college majoring in political science and economics. I’m extremely excited to be one of the two chairs of the Novice Mentor Committee this fall! Right now, most of my cases happen to be about the US elections and reality TV, but I am interested in just about any topic. Outside of debate I enjoy doodling, writing and reading about politics. Please say hi in GA, or send me an email at apdanovicementors at gmail dot com!

Novice Mentor Co-Chair: Marina Tan

11066604_10206329086415202_2974511716168643354_nHi, I’m Marina Tan and I’m a junior at Yale majoring in Biomedical Engineering. I’m from Malaysia and really enjoy talking about international relations, healthcare, colonialism and Asian movies. I have very strong opinions on food and less strong opinions on everything else so feel free to approach me for help with debate, school or life!

Novice Mentor: Alex Johnson


Hi! My name is Alex Johnson, and I’m a sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania majoring in Philosophy and minoring in Legal Studies & Business Ethics. My favorite cases to run (and hit!) are moral philosophy, social justice, legal theory, sports, and art, although my favorite thing about APDA is that I could just as easily hit econ as I could a case about zombies. I speak all positions with a moderate preference for the PM/MO. Outside debate, I am either at a concert, reading a book, setting my fantasy football lineup, or eating an overpriced salad. I also serve as one of Penn’s Novice Trainers, so I’m very hyped to be on Novice Mentor this semester. Please come say hi to me in GA!

Novice Mentor: Jasper Primack

13041308_10205467198114023_7628149397634614489_o-1Hi! My name is Jasper Primack, and I’m a sophomore at Boston University majoring in Political Science (maybe getting a masters in that somewhere along the way, ask me later). I competed in extemporaneous speaking and World Schools debate in high school, but am familiar with pretty much every single American debate format. While I’m quite comfortable speaking any position, I usually LO. Similarly, I have a very diverse casebook, but the plurality of my writing focuses on legal issues, politics, and international relations. Outside of debate, I enjoy running, watching TV shows from The Wire to The Flash, and folding origami. I also do some amount of speech and debate coaching on the side, so if you’d like someone to bring you up to speed on any technique from flowing to varying your vocal cadence, shoot me an email at jasper.primack at gmail dot com!

Novice Mentor: Sophie Park

13576649_1771464089732321_5899316713194331431_o-1Hi! My name is Sophie Park, and I’m a sophomore at Yale. I’m an international student from Korea with World Schools background, so my transition to APDA hasn’t been like many others in the circuit (So please come talk to me if you want to talk about transition – debate-wise or social!). Haven’t quite settled on a major yet, but thinking something along the lines of Econ and Math or CS. I especially love talking about social theory, international relations/economic development, and political philosophy. I usually double lead, but I also speak other positions as well. Super excited to work with novices this semester, hopefully you will love APDA as much as I do!

Novice Mentor: Patrick Holland

14348665_10205518233553938_2039488066_nMy name is Patrick Holland and I’m a senior at Swarthmore College where I study political science, philosophy, and economics. I like to debate about most topics but my favorites are history, political theory, and IR. I mostly speak as a PM and MO and giving rebuttals is my favorite part of most rounds. Outside of debate, I’m the opinions editor for one of my campus’s newspapers, I’m involved in conservative and libertarian politics (yes there is intellectual diversity on APDA), and I love going on runs, hikes, and bike rides. I’m going to be the tournament director at Swat Novice so if you’re decide to go please stop by and say hello!

Novice Mentor: Maeve Fidler

maeve-fidlerHi! My name is Maeve Fidler, and I’m a third year student at UVA pursuing a joint degree in social sciences and education. As a debater, I typically PM / MO but I have experience speaking all positions. I’m especially passionate about social justice, media/art, and politics cases, but I’m interested in a pretty diverse range of topics and love learning more about different topic areas from other debaters in round! Before becoming involved with college debate I competed in extemp and public forum, and I stay involved on the high school circuit by coaching a local high school team and conducting research for the National Speech and Debate Association. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions, and come say hi in GA!

Novice Mentor: Evan Dotas

13695136_1161595563862496_962869657_nHi! My name is Evan Dotas. I’m a sophomore at the College at William & Mary majoring in government. I’ve done every speaking position and sometimes I even say things of consequence in a round. When I’m not doing debate, I’m usually foresting, filming my future autobiography, reverse donating, and lying about my hobbies on internet forums.

Novice Mentor: Pasha Temkin

14397950_10206348032414330_711489969_n-1Hi all! My name is Pasha Temkin, a Junior at Rutgers majoring in Philosophy and Computer Science. Before coming to APDA, I debated and coached Public Forum debate. On APDA, I enjoy running cases about modern and historical International Relations, reparations, and literature. My preferred positions are MG/LO. When I’m not doing debate, I work as a software developer, shop for clothes on the internet, and procrastinate my philosophy readings. Please reach out and say hi!

Novice Mentor: Joonpyo Sohn

Hi friends! My 13131567_1145833452127301_7064032374316531332_o-1name is Joon and I’m a senior Brown University concentrating in Applied Math and Economics. I’m from Seoul, South Korea and did Worlds Schools debate and BP a lot (which is a lot of fun as well), so if you’re international student, I’d love to talk about the transition to APDA and the US in general. I speak all positions and have been doing a lot of MG/MO speeches recently. Finally, I’m really really excited to be part of the Novice Mentor program this year and can’t wait to see all of you!!!



Novice Mentor: Katy Li


Hi! My name is Katy Li, and I’m a junior at Johns Hopkins studying Political Science and Social Policy. Before I came to college, I did high school public forum debate for four years. I enjoy discussing/arguing about a variety of topics, including political theory, public policy, feminism, social justice, literature, and art. I’m also a fan of “eccentric” cases about things like the popularity of speedos and the house system in Harry Potter. Outside of debate, I like to read, write, and keep up with the Marvel cinematic universe. Feel free to come say hi to me in GA anytime!


Novice Mentor: Miles Saffran

12747348_10207189002816121_2722088895191476826_oHi! My name is Miles and I’m a junior at Yale majoring in Computer Science. I’m from Orlando and really love rap music, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and thinking about philosophy and economics. Always happy to case with you or help you practice, feel free to reach out!

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