Meet the NMs

Meet the NMs

Welcome! The Novice Mentor Committee has eleven members for Spring 2018. Each Novice Mentor is required to complete a hybrid with a novice this semester. If you would like to sign up for a hybrid (or if you’d like to talk to us about anything else), please reach out to us on Facebook. We are all on the Committee because we want to help–so we really want to hear from you.

 APDA Board Liaison: Ben Feshbach

Ben FeshbachHey guys! My name is Ben Feshbach, and I’m a junior at Brandeis where I study philosophy and politics. Although I’m not technically a Novice Mentor this semester (I’m only its board liaison), I have previously served on the committee and I would be more than happy to answer any debate-related questions your might have, so feel free to reach out via email ( or on Facebook!

 Novice Mentor Co-Chair: Evan Dotas

Evan DotasHi everybody! My name is Evan Dotas, and I’m a junior at William and Mary, where I’m studying government and sociology. I really enjoy debating about social issues and political movements, but that doesn’t mean I won’t fake my way through economics and IR rounds with you if that’s your thing. I usually LO/MG, but I’m flexible there as well. Outside of debate, I do a cappella, read a lot, and follow puppies at a far enough distance that their owners don’t realize I’m creepy. If you want to talk about debate or anything else in life, friend me on Facebook or find me in GA (or both; no double bind here #APDA)!

Novice Mentor Co-Chair: Max Neuman

Max NeumanHi! My name is Max, and I’m a sophomore studying political science at Columbia (formerly CUNY). I went to my first APDA practice a week after committing to attend CUNY, and I’ve been hooked ever since. In high school, I did public forum debate on the New York City Urban Debate League, a free circuit for schools with minimal debate resources. On APDA, I prefer to LO/MG and I like to write cases about New York City politics, Broadway musicals, and development. Outside of debate I work on electoral campaigns, cook, and read anything John Grisham writes. See you in GA!

Novice Mentor: Stephanie Wu

Screenshot (5)Hi everyone! I’m Stephanie Wu, a sophomore at Penn studying business and minoring in international development. I come from an international (Australian) background so I can speak to transitioning to an American circuit, and also enjoy debating economics and development. Outside of debate, I love to bake, travel (especially solo), and watch trashy reality TV. Please reach out through Facebook, email, or in person – I’d love to meet you!

Novice Mentor: Jacob Bezner

jacob-beznerHello! My name is Jacob Bezner, and I’m a sophomore at Binghamton University where I study Political Science and History. Before attending Binghamton, I competed for four years in high school student congress. I typically speak MG and LO, and I prefer to run cases on IR and social issues. Outside of debate, I work on political campaigns, obsess over baseball statistics, and play the upright bass. If you have any questions or just want to start a conversation, feel free to contact me on Facebook. See you in GA!

Novice Mentor: Tiffany Yuan

Tiffany YuanHi! My name is Tiffany Yuan, and I’m a sophomore at Johns Hopkins University majoring in Public Health and minoring in psychology. Before APDA, I competed in high school public forum for 4 years. I enjoy debating about a variety of topics, including social justice, policy, and healthcare, but I always love hearing about and learning new things in round. Outside of debate, I enjoy eating copious amounts of food and squealing over corgis instead of doing work. Feel free to reach out to me and say hi!

Novice Mentor: Justin Roach

Justin RoachHi! My name is Justin Roach and I’m a senior political science major at City College, a campus of the City University of New York. I enjoy debating about international relations, the legal system, and American politics. Outside of debate, I’m the co-captain of my school’s mock trial team, an Eagle Scout, the most politically active member of my family, and a Survivor superfan. I entered APDA with no high school debate experience so if you relate and want help getting your foot in the door let me know. Message me anytime and please say hi at tournaments!

Novice Mentor: Teddy Wyman

Teddy WymanHello! My name is Teddy Wyman and I’m a sophomore at Boston University studying economics and mathematics. I did extemporaneous speaking and Lincoln-Douglas debate in high school, and I primarily speak PM/MO but I’m comfortable speaking any position. My favorite topics to debate are sports, arts and entertainment, social issues, politics and law, and historical IR, but I love learning about any and all subjects. Outside of debate I spend my time browsing memes, petting dogs, watching Seinfeld, and inciting arguments in the ESPN comments section. Most of all, I love being a part of the APDA community and meeting new people, so I very much look forward to being a Novice Mentor and encourage you guys to reach out to me!

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